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Omaha, may not be your first choice that comes to mind in terms of dating hotspots, however it has a thriving dating community for individuals seeking love: brie larson dating. Elijah Allan-Blitz is not the first well-known person that Brie Larson has dated. Brie Larson, who is famous for her role as Captain Marvel, has been in a relationship with Elijah Allan-Blitz since July 2019. Elijah Allan-Blitz and Brie Larson have been dating since Aug 2019. The actress and her boyfriend, Elijah Allan-Blitz, are dating since 2019. Brie's most recent known relationship was with Elijah Allan-Blitz. Brie Larson is reportedly dating Elijah Allan Blitz, but not much is known about him. Inside Her Relationship HistoryBrie Larson is a very private person, meaning she rarely shares details of her dating life. While she and Allan-Blitz kept details about their relationship private for the most part, the director did give fans a glimpse of their lives together in March 2021.

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