5 Star

5 Star Gold Umrah Packages

5 Days
$790 Per person

5 Star Gold Umrah Package

Mecca :  3 Nights     |     Madinah : 2 Nights

Price Includes :

7 Days
$890 Per person

5 Star Land Umrah Package

Mecca : 4 Nights  |  Madinah : 3 Nights

Price Includes :

10 Days
$1090 Per person

5 Star Gold Umrah Package

Mecca :  5 Nights     |     Madinah : 5 Nights

Price Includes :

5 Star Luxury Umrah Packages by Salah Travels

Salah Travels 5 Star Umrah Packages have all of the amenities and conveniences of travel, but still has a lot of pride in itself. This 5 Star Umrah package for pilgrims to the Holy Ka’ba is great for families and older people. It has cheap 5-star hotels near the Masjid-ul-Haram and the Masjid-un-Nabawi.

Salah Travels not only provides five-star accommodations and the most luxurious hotels to stay in, but we also help you get visas, transportation, and other important things done so that you can have the best time possible when you visit.

Salah Travels wants to make sure that its Umrah packages are as complete as possible. It comes with 5-star accommodations in Mecca and Medina (City View Basic) at well-known international hotels with 3 or 4 extra beds/sofa-style beds (Triple / Quad Room) and more as needed.

5 Star Umrah Packages 2024 from USA

5 Star Umrah is a package that includes 4 and 5 star hotel rooms in Makkah and Madina. Pilgrims get breakfast, room service, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioned rooms at the place where they’re going to. During the 5 star Umrah Package, there are hotels in both Makkah and Madina that are very close to the Harmain Shareefin. It’s easy to find our panel hotels in Makkah and Madina because they are near the Masjid Al-Haram and the Mosque of the Nabawi.

Transportation Services

Salah Travels has cars that can pick you up and drop you off in style. People who choose our Executive Umrah Package do not have to think about how to get around. When you go on your Umrah trip, you can drive in VIP cars and not have to hire a taxi or negotiate the price. Transportation at Jeddah and Madina airports is top-of-the-line. You can choose from Toyotas, Land Rovers, GMCs, private cars, Hiace, and more, depending on how big your family is.

Umrah Visa Services and Flights

You get a sticker visa, an evisa called “Umrah E visa,” and an “Umrah tourist visa” in our 5 star Umrah package when you book. This is what we do. To book Umrah packages online and get an Umrah visa at your home or office, you must meet the Umrah Visa Requirements before you can do so. If you want to go back to Umrah after your trip, Salah Travels has the best prices. There are now many ways to save money when you book your flight from Salah Travels. It’s possible to book your flight now and save money. If you want to go on an Umrah trip, you can now go to Turkey at the same time. We have direct flights from USA to both Makkah and Medina, so we can get there quickly.

Ziyarat – in Makkah and Madina

It’s possible to go to the holy places of Makkah and Madina with Salah Travels’ Executive Umrah package. These holy places will make your trip more memorable and fun.

Why Pick Salah Travel’s 5 Star Gold Umrah Package?

Holiday seasons, different lunar months with good weather, different lengths of time, and specific events with public holidays all have 5 star Umrah package deals. When you do Umrah, you should be very involved in the holy work. You should not be distracted by the problems and inconveniences caused by a lack of amenities. If you have all of the things you need for Umrah at a high level, you can do it better. There will be a lot of luxury and comfort. Salah Travel has a lot of beautiful and well-equipped 5 star Gold Umrah Packages that can meet this demand.

What We Offer?

A 5star Umrah package lets you choose how long you want to stay in Makkah and Medina, which 5star hotel you want, which airline to fly with, and how you want to get around. We also use our advanced real-time booking system to include planes with luxurious cabin seats and other top-notch features in our 5 star Umrah packages, which we offer. They also come with fast visa processing and transportation in a luxury sedan or SUV, thanks to our connections with the best transport service providers in Saudi Arabia.

Why do pilgrims pick Salah Travels for Umrah Packages?

  • Even if it’s Christmas or Easter, we can set up a meeting on any date in the United States. During the February and May half-term breaks, we can also set updates for you.
  • Go there if you’re a first-timer or if you’re alone.
  • We find you the best deal. a place to stay near Haram
  • Umrah visas can be set up if you ask for them to be set up.
  • With deals for 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star hotel chains, everyone will be happy.
  • group or a package made for them
  • You can book flights and connect with other flights from anywhere in the United States.
  • There are places where Muslims can ask for stopovers, and they can do so.
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