Umrah is truly spiritual and for a lot of people, a once-in-a-lifetimejourneytherefore it is extremely important to be fully aware of what is permitted and what is prohibited duringyour  Umrah to extract optimal enlightenment from it.

We at Salah Travels have created a simple list of guidelines for all Muslim brothers and sisters which can help you prepare and perform Umrah better and in a more fulfilling way.

Before Departure

As you prepare to embark on your Umrah journey, you need to start preparing well ahead of time to ensure that you are physically and mentally ready

  • Start light physical activities to become more active to build your stamina as the journey will be physically demanding
  • Eat healthily and get sufficient sleep
  • Build your spiritual habits through increased Zikr, Duaas, Nawafel, and Salaat
  • Create a list of essentials that you need to carry with you for the journey
  • Have a light-weight backpack that you can carry easily throughout your Umrah
  • Learn about the steps and restrictions of Umrah – watch informative videos and listen to lectures created for this purpose
  • Get yourself medically checked to ensure that if you are missing any vaccinations, they can be administered in time
  • Compile all travel documents required – Salah Travels consultants can share a comprehensive list for this purpose
  • Resolve any personal conflicts or disagreements with others and seek their forgiveness if they think you have offended them in any way intentionally or unintentionally

During Umrah

Some of our guests experience international travel for the first time when they perform Umrah. This can be overwhelming and even more complicated by specific restrictions associated with Hajj and Umrah travel. To ensure a hassle-free travel experience:

  • Follow all prescribed steps for Umrah as per Sunnah and other obligations
  • Protect yourself and others while moving in and around Haram as the crowds can be heavy and rough at times
  • Eat properly throughout your journey to sustain energy – keep some dry food or energy bars in your carry bag to consume at odd times
  • Remain hydrated – drink Zamzam as frequently as you can to gain its endless benefits
  • Do not leave  your group at any time. If you do need to be separated, inform your group leader of your plans and whereabouts ahead of time and agree on a meeting spotthat is well-known to everyone
  • Consume minimum time in non-religious activities such as shopping, connecting with friends and family back home, or staying in your hotel to rest
  • Do not be disappointed by the lack of facilities or comforts versus what was promised to you at the time of booking – While we at Salah Travels make all efforts to deliver 100% against our commitments, there can be unexpected shortcomings beyond our control
  • Have patience, help others as much as possible, and you will feel happy and content
  • Take photos in your spare time only such as between prayers so that you can devote your maximum attention to religious activities only
  • Follow all rules, regulations, and instructions by the Saudi authorities, your hotel staff as well as your tour organizers. Also, remember the authorities can amend or introduce new rules as they see fit so be prepared for change
  • Wear suitable and comfortable clothing in line with the prevailing weather at the time of your visit
  • Remain culturally sensitive to other nationalities and their norms
  • Expect a language barrier but try to work around it. Our dual language group leaders will help as much as possible

Upon Your Return

While you may be excited to share your experiences with friends and family immediately upon your return, we would recommend:

  • Rest well to recover from the physical exhaustion first
  • Reflect on the journey and build on your experience to try and become a better Muslim and a better human being

Never forget that the primary purpose of Umrah is to get closer to Allah so take the opportunity to open your heart to him, praise him and his creations, thank him for his blessings and seek forgiveness for your mistakes.

We at Salah Travels work closely with all our customers to give them a memorable Umrah experience. We hope that the above guidelines will help you prepare for an excellent journey full of reflection and awakening.

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