Miquaat (Arabic: ميقات) is the boundary in Saudi Arabia beyond which it is necessary for all Muslim pilgrims to be in Ihram garment or they are not permitted to pass. If anyone crosses the boundary without being in state of Ihram then the animal sacrifice is mandatory as Dumm to expiate.

In total, five Miquaatsare defined. Initially, four were outlined in the following Hadith as narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas:

Allah’s Messenger had fixed Dhul Hulayfah as the Miquaat for the people of Madinah; al-Juhfah for the people of Sham; and Qarn al-Manazil for the people of Najd; and Yalamlam for the people of Yemen. So, these (above mentioned) are the Mawaqit for all those living in those places, and besides them for those who come through those places with the intention of performing Hajj and Umrah and whoever lives within these places should assume Ihram from his dwelling place, and similarly the people of Makkah can assume Ihram from Makkah.

[Narrated in Sahih al-Bukhari]

Additionally, a fifth Miquaat was definedduring the reign of Umar Ibn al-Khattab, the second caliph after the conquest of Basra and Kufa. Abdullah ibn Umar I narrates:

When these two towns (Basra and Kufa) were captured, the people went to Umar and said, “O Chief of the faithful believers! The Prophet ﷺ fixed Qarn as the Miquaat for the people of Najd, it is beyond our way and it is difficult for us to pass through it.” He said, “Take as your Miquaat a place situated opposite to Qarn on your usual way. So, he fixed DhatIrq (as their Miquaat).

[Narrated in Sahih al-Bukhari]

Miquaat Names And Locations

1.  Dhul Hulayfah ( Abyar Ali )

This Miquaat is located 18 kilometers southwest of Masjid al-Nabawi ﷺ in Madinah and is 410 kilometers (255 miles) north of Makkah. This Miquaat is used by the people of Madinah and anyone outside of Madinah who wishes to travel from North to Makkah in order to perform Hajj or Umrah.

2.  Al-Juhfah ( Rabigh )

Located 182 Kilometers ( 113 Miles ) northwest of Makkah, Al-Juhfah is the Miquaat for pilgrims from North America, Europe including Turkey, sand everal African countries including Egypt, Algeria, and Sudan. Rabigh, a town north of Al-Juhfah is an alternate location to enter intoa state of Ihram.

3.  Qasr Al-Manzil( Al-Sayl )

Situated near Ta’if, Qarn al-Manazil is 80 kilometers (50 miles) east of Makkah and is the designated Miquaat for people from Najd and pilgrims traveling from U.A.E, Oman, Pakistan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

4.  Dhat Irq

DhatIrq is the north-eastern Miquaat of Makkah, located 90 kilometers (56 miles) out. People from Iraq, Iran, China, and Russia use this Miquaat.

5.  Yalamlam ( Al-Sadiah )

Yalamlamis the southern Miquaat of Makkah situated 100 kilometers (62 miles) out. Geographically, this Miquaat is for pilgrims traveling to Makkah from southern regions such as Yemen, South Africa, Nigeria etc.

Additionally, areas between the boundaries of Miquaat and Haram are calledHil (Arabic: الحل). Hil includes Jeddah, Khulais, al-Janun, and Taneem.Pilgrims who live in these cities or who travel through Hil must enter into Ihram before crossing the Hil boundary. However, Ihram will not be required for anyone who travels to Haram from Hil without the intention of performing an Umrah.

Haram Boundaries

Any pilgrim who wishes to perform a second Umrah, must convert to the state of Ihram outside the Haram boundary and then reenter Makkah for Umrah. While the first choice for the majority of pilgrims is Masjid Aisha, other boundaries of Haram are as follows:

  • Taneem – Masjid Aisha, also known as Masjid Taneem, is 8 km (5 miles) from the Kaaba and 5 km (3 miles) outside Makkah
  • Adaat Laban – It is 11 km (7 miles) outside Makkah towards Yemen
  • Wadi Nakhla – Towards Iraq, 11 km (7 miles) out of Makkah
  • Arafat – Close to Masjid al-Nimrah, Arafat is also 11 km (7 miles ) outside Makkah
  • Ji’ranah – Masjid al-Ji’ranah, is roughly 14 km (9 miles) outside Makkah
  • Hudaibiyah – Masjid al-Hudaibiyah, is on the route from Makkah to Jeddah ad is 16 km (10 miles) from Makkah.

Pilgrims From Madinah

Pilgrims traveling to Makkah for Umrah can enter in state of Ihram either in Madinah or at the designated Miquaat which is Masjid DhulHulayfah.

Pilgrims From Jeddah

Some pilgrims enter intoIhram at Jeddah airport which is invalid. Anyonetraveling through Jeddah solely for the purpose of Umrah must travel to the nearest Miquaat al-Juhfah (Rabigh) for this purpose. Only Muslims living in Jeddah or travelers who traveled to Jeddah for other purposes and subsequently decide to perform Umrah may enter into Ihram at Jeddah.

Air Travellers

For all pilgrims traveling to Saudi Arabia by air, it is advisable to change into Ihram at the airport before departure of their flight as they may or may not be notified of Miquaat during flight so there is a risk that they may miss the crossing point, and hence may possibly violate the requirements of Ihram.

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